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Setona Mizushiro

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 About the Book 

Mizushiro Setona (水城 せとな or 水城雪可奈) is a popular manga-ka (Japanese comics creator) who started out in the dōjinshi (self published manga) circles. Her first real dabble in the world of creating manga was in 1985 when she participated in the publication of a dōjinshi. She remained active in the dōjinshi world until her debut in 1993 with the short single Fuyu ga Owarou Toshiteita (Winter Was Ending) that ran in Shōgakukans Puchi Comic magazine.Though her current drawing style is high on the aesthetic value, her earlier works had less finesse. Regardless of the lesser emphasis on the visual elements in her earlier works, her popularity grew largely due to her unparalleled grasp for storytelling. Her works are noted for their slightly askew plots and deep exploration of the human psyche. Even her lighthearted Shōjo works usually have darker underlying elements. With an incomparable ability to craft stories that puzzle, sadden, assure, pervert, and move the depths of ones heart, she has gained a cult-like following. Her works include shojo, josei, and yaoi, and have been translated into multiple languages, including English, French and German.See also 水城 せとな.