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A Citizens Army for the 21st Century Sean Clynch

A Citizens Army for the 21st Century

Sean Clynch

Published April 15th 2009
ISBN : 9781432734930
80 pages
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 About the Book 

Currently the United States spends 15 billion dollars per year on foreign aid, which is doled out according to the clout of the recipient nation on Capitol Hill, meaning that the most impoverished and neglected nations remain that way.It is painfully clear that a new method of delivering US foreign assistance to the worlds poor is required- one that must have at its core two mutually supporting aims. Firstly, the educating of Americans about the world beyond our shores, because it is largely our common ignorance of global concerns that lies behind our governments lack of a clear and focused strategy to deal with them. And secondly, to provide an opportunity for the average American to make a personal contribution to finding solutions to these problems. Because this is a challenge that has not and will not be met by the aid bureaucrats at the State Department, except at the margins of a main effort carried forward by the American people themselves.