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Chanting Yoga Bruno P.H. Leclercq

Chanting Yoga

Bruno P.H. Leclercq

Published May 27th 2005
Kindle Edition
540 pages
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 About the Book 

After Letters to Odilia which describes our universe and the various creatures living in each of its three worlds, the author describes, in Aurora, our life after death. Aurora shows the effects of societys changes on this life and on the next. We may not be able to change the world, but what about changing our life? Yoga is absolute mastery over our mind. Patanjalis aphorisms describe what it can give us, and the techniques to get there. Patanjalitys aim is spiritual- we can aim for a partial goal. We cannot really change our world or our body, escape aging and death, yet we can change the way we perceive life. It is our mind that decides how we feel: its makes us healthy or suffering, happy or worried. It is mind mastery that Patanjali teaches- lets understand what he says in modern terms. According to Leclercq it is not too hard to improve the flow of our life energy. Side benefit: for the majority of us with no ambition of becoming saints, whatever time we spend at being better balanced persons will also shave time off the sentence to be served in purgatory when that time comes.