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Fonko on the Carpet: Iran 1978-1979 (Jake Fonko #2) B. Hesse Pflingger

Fonko on the Carpet: Iran 1978-1979 (Jake Fonko #2)

B. Hesse Pflingger

Published August 20th 2013
198 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

After surviving his perilous trip to the Cambodian killing fields, Jake Fonko heads back to Los Angeles for some much needed R&R. With the Vietnam War finally winding down, a recent Reduction in Force (RIF) order from the government has left Jake unemployed -- and he intends to enjoy every moment of his new freedom. With his hard-earned (but ill-gotten) gains, Jake sets up house in a Malibu beach pad, buys a red Corvette and hangs out as a freelance military adviser/gentleman mercenary/international private eye/gun for hire. Life is good, the women are beautiful and Jake tries his best to forget his wild stint with the CIA. If only things were that easy.Los Angeles isnt all that its cracked up to be...The LA lifestyle may be glamorous, but Jake soon finds that it doesnt come cheap. His bank account running on fumes, he finally lands his first big freelance gig, and its a monster: hes hired to be the aide to the Shah of Iran. Fortune comes with a price, however, as many whisper of the Shah that no one dares tell him the truth.Jakes assignment is to tell the Shah the truth -- at any cost.What could possibly go wrong (besides a million dollars going astray, of course)?Jake soon finds himself juggling seven spy agencies, almost as many identities, prying eyes, inept assassins, a fatwa from the Ayatollah Khomeini, rampaging revolutionaries, the Shahs feisty twin sister Princess Ashraf, the SAVAK, two French whores, and, naturally, his expert KGB nemesis Emil Grotesqcu.Can Jake keep the Shah safe, or will his fanatical enemies seize control of Iran? And, if they do, what will become of Jake? Gasr Prison? Torture? A televised beheading?And, no, we cant really blame the hostage crisis on Jake...can we?